Do you have moments when you’re religiously keeping up with healthy habits but still feel like you need to do more? Like you’re still not doing enough? Well, […]
determined sportswoman exercising on arm machine in gym
Are your healthy habits in alignment with what your body needs? Sometimes we want to push our bodies to perform […]
In what way are you transitioning in your life today? Are you a former athlete wanting to transition to an […]
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Have you been struggling to find your identity and purpose after your student-athlete life? I am a former athlete and […]
happy overweight ethnic woman exercising on machine in gym
Why are you exercising? Do you have an outcome of your working out in mind? I just realized that even […]
Why have you not embraced meal planning and prepping? Still thinking that it’s difficult and time-consuming? Well, guess what, you’re […]
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What if I told you that going wide with your fitness habits will not give you success? I know that […]
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How strong is your intuition? Are you really connected with yourself on a deeper level? We are all born with […]
GET YOUR BOOK COPY TODAY:  What would happen if you started going after the healthy lifestyle you want today, and […]