The Next Hurdle

To hear more about my journey with burnout and overcoming it, listen to my podcast episode “Life After Sport. . . Now What?” at 

Phase One – The New Unknown

Chapter 1: The Never-ending Off Season

To hear more tips on how to relax, rest, recover, and enjoy the off-season, listen to my podcast episode “Life Changes and Big Transition? First Step to Start the Journey Strong” at 

Chapter 2: Fueling Your Lifestyle 

To hear more from Katie Spada on Intuitive Eating and former athlete nutrition, listen to our conversation at 

Chapter 3: Embracing the Changes

Listen to my podcast episode “Develop a Relationship of Trust with Yourself and Not the Scale” for more tips on body acceptance

and removing your worth from your body at 

Phase Two – The Messy Middle

Chapter 4: The Inner Athlete 

For more tips on exploring your identity check out my podcast episode “Taking What You Learned in Sports into Life” at 

Chapter 5: Lacing Up 

If you need further guidance on creating a workout plan you love, check out my podcast episode “Three Steps to Enjoy Your Workout” at 

Chapter 6: Breaking Food Rules

Clips of book interviews coming soon

Phase Three – Better Days Ahead

Chapter 7: Be a C.A.M.O.

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Chapter 8: Broadening Your Playbook

For more tips on trying something new, check out my podcast episode “10 Steps to Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone” at

Chapter 9: Playing the Game of Life 

To hear more about Darryll’s journey out of the NFL and his new company, Second Chance Athletes, listen to our conversation on my podcast, Live Your Personal Best, at  

Phase Four – Extra Innings 

Printable Reader’s Guide Coming Soon

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