Holistic Approach to Health – Juicing, Sustainability, and Other Quick Switches

Imagine a world where our grandchildren and great-grandchildren can still live and enjoy its resources. With all that’s happening right now in the world, it’s time for us to take charge and lead some initiatives to protect the place we’re living in. What’s more, it’s also healthier for our bodies!

In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I discuss some of my new year’s resolutions on being more sustainable while becoming healthier this 2022. Aside from this, I also reveal some of the products that I’ll be maximizing to achieve my sustainability goals.

Listen to start becoming more sustainable while becoming healthier.

Episode Timeline

[1:45] Emily shares her new goals this 2022: being sustainable and eco-friendly.

[2:19] Emily points out when she realized she had this goal.

[4:39] Emily describes how her juicer journey started and how brewing teas helped her become more sustainable.

[9:29] Emily expresses her relief after switching to diva cups after using tampons.

[10:44] Emily reveals her other ways on how she will be more sustainable this 2022.

Key Takeaways

  • Juicing could help you decrease your food wastage significantly in a week.
  • Many sustainable options are healthier options for us.
  • Always think about swaps that you could make that are more sustainable.
  • Being sustainable could have a positive ripple effect in your life.
  • Some switches that you could also initiate this 2022 include the use of:
    • Reusable baking sheets
    • Bamboo makeup remover pads
    • Reusable table napkins
    • Reusable paper towels


These little shifts weren’t just something that was more environmentally friendly and more sustainable, but they are also healthier for me, too. – Emily [8:08]

By making these switches, it doesn’t even matter anymore what my reasoning behind it was. – Emily [9:57]