How to Keep Your Power and Stay in Control

Do you ever feel like you never have the time for things that matter to you? Like you don’t have time for things you enjoy and are just crossing off one to-do list after another. Perhaps, your power and control over the things that matter to you have started to fade away.

In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I reveal my routine on how I deal with my weekly tasks and share how I almost lost control and power over my life and the things that I value the most. I also left some tips on taking over and controlling your life and having a meaningful fitness journey.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about how to gain the power you need to create the ripples of change in your life.

Episode Timeline

[0:26] Emily tells the rationale of today’s episode.

[1:24] Emily shares her usual routine in handling her business and podcast every week.

[2:20] Emily talks about the importance of consistency in achieving one’s goals and her struggles in reaching them sometimes.

[3:25] Emily expresses what season she is in her life.

[4:48] Emily revealed that she transformed how she tells stories to herself.

[6:28] Emily challenges her listeners to take their power back.

Key Takeaways

  • Be careful when you stick to routines and plans because it might lead to the loss of your power.
  • Take control of your schedule and take charge of the things you should finish.
  • If you observe that the outcome came to be because you no longer have control over the circumstances around you, it’s time to realize that you have slowly given away your power.


“Control what you’re in control of. Don’t slowly give away your power under the disguise [that it’s the right thing to do]. – Emily [5:26]

“I can have an individual approach [on things] and still be just successful.” – Emily [7:51]

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