Treating Your Body Like Your BFF

Do you know how to begin your fitness journey this 2022? Every new year, people say they’ll be more active but unfortunately, many fail to move forward in their journeys because they can’t find suitable routines for their specific fitness level.

In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I speak with Kaisa Keranen, a personal trainer, fitness educator, and social media influencer known for her fun and innovative ways to keep people moving. She graduated from the University of Washington, where she’s a track and field team member. Later, she got her master’s in exercise science, sports performance, and injury prevention.

Listen to learn more about the best ways to start your fitness journey, no matter what level you are at right now, especially when you are still at the starting level.

Episode Timeline

[2:44] Kaisa shares what she’s been working on at Kaisa Fit right now.

[6:18] Kaisa discussed her approach in motivating her clients to move

[9:26] Kaisa revealed some of the best ways for those who’d like to start working out

[14:11] Kaisa describes her experience being in the spotlight

[15:45] Kaisa divulges if becoming a teacher changes the way she works out 

[17:44] Kaisa spoke about her predictions of the fitness industry

[21:26] Kaisa leaves her last advice for the audience

Key takeaways

  • If you’re planning to start exercising, just start.
  • Create a doable exercise plan that you can easily stick. Start adding five minutes of movement per day, whether it’s walking, stretching, among others.
  • Keep saying to yourself that you’re more than your body, but that does not mean that you should not take care of it.
  • If you move to achieve a specific look, you’re most likely going to set yourself up for failure.
  • You have to know something so well to be able to break it down so simply.
  • Movement is so fun, and it should be so creative.
  • Start taking care of yourself this new year.


“When it comes to the human body, it’s so advanced like it’s literally a miracle that we’re never gonna fully understand, so we can always spend time arguing and breaking down and learning more and I love that side of things.” – Kaisa [5:27]

“Health is a feeling. It is not a look. Being healthy does not look a specific way. It’s very different for every single human being.” – Kaisa [11:01]

“It would be foolish to say that we’re not human beings who care about what we look like. You have to be able to take that and put more power over other things.” – Kaisa [19:14]

About the Guest, Kaisa Keranen
About the Guest, Kaisa Keranen

Kaisa Keranen is a personal trainer, fitness educator, and social media influencer known for her fun and innovative ways to get people moving. She graduated from the University of Washington where she was a member of the Track and Field team and later went on to get her Masters in Exercise Science, Sports Performance, and Injury Prevention. As the owner of KaisaFit, she has developed her own method of movement which she shares daily with her clients and social media followers worldwide. She lives and teaches by the motto that health is a feeling not a look and believes whole-heartedly in her mission to get people around the world up and moving! Kaisa has been featured in such digital magazines as Vogue, Shape, SELF, Harpers Bazaar, Oxygen, and ESPNW. She was featured on the Greatist as one of the most influential people in health and fitness and most notably was asked by Michelle Obama to be one of the go-to trainers for her “Let’s Move” digital campaign. You can find Kaisa on social media as @KaisaFit where she educates, motivates, and empowers people to #JustMove

About the Host, Emily Coffman
About the Host, Emily Coffman

Emily Coffman is the fastest growing advocate for athlete wellness in life after sport. She is a former NCAA Division I Athlete at the University of Oklahoma in rowing.

Now, she is the creator of the top 1% health and fitness podcast, Live Your Personal Best which has over quarter of a million downloads and best-selling author of Elite to Everyday Athlete.

Her research and focus on the health of athletes after they leave the field, has led her to become one of the leading experts for athletes to learn how to live a healthy life, enjoy working out, and find their new love of sport.