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Why My Weight-loss Efforts In College Didn’t Work

Despite working with a personal trainer and a nutritionist, none of my weight-loss efforts in college worked. It wasn’t that they were giving me bad advice but I kept making the same mistakes. Listen to the episode to see if you’re making these mistakes and how to start making a change.  If you listened to …

How to Find the Time to Workout

How can you fit working out into your schedule? There’s only so many hours in a day and working out can sometimes feel like another chore you have to add to your to-do list. Find out how the most successful and busy people always find a way to prioritize exercise in their routine.  Send me …

Start Here. Girls Gone Healthy Trailer

Time to stop “failing” diet after diet and getting stuck in workout routines that leave us unhappy. Join me in creating a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t follow specific rules or leave you feeling exhausting. I’m excited you’re here! Let’s connect on instagram:  Join our facebook community!