Let’s Get Healthy. I Found my Fitness Journey and Here’s How You Can Too

Do you want to have a healthy, stable, consistent lifestyle? You know, where you’re happy without counting calories or chasing the next fad diet? Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a stressful task, in fact, it should be simple and something you enjoy doing.

In this premiere episode of Girls Gone Healthy, you get to meet me, your host Emily Coffman as I narrate part of my health and fitness journey and how I found my ‘tribe’. I explain the purpose and focus of this podcast which is the four major categories on how to get a healthier lifestyle.

Listen in to learn how you can achieve food freedom and take control of how, when, and what you eat. You will also understand why getting healthier is a lifestyle, not a phase.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to find what works for you in your health and fitness goals.
  • The benefits of forming routine, habits, and consistency.
  • What is the right way to move your body?
  • How to balance your diet – learning what diet works best for you.
  • The power of shifting your mindset around health and fitness.

Episode Timeline:

  • [0:59] Get to know me, Emily Coffman, and my health and fitness journey
  • [5:45] How I became passionate about group fitness
  • [7:12] Learn the purpose and focus of this podcast going forth


  • “I believe you don’t have to cut out any foods to have the perfect diet…. I think it’s all about balance.” – [8:20]
  • “We’re having a healthy, stable, consistency, lifestyle that you can be happy living that way.” [9:38]