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Think It’s Time to Rest? How to Value Rest and Working Out Equally. Unpacking Disordered Relationships with Exercise

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So we’ve heard of intuitive eating. And we’ve heard about disordered eating. But what about disordered exercising? Can we intuitively rest and exercise? Listen to this week’s episode to learn how to value rest! (just as much as working out)

In today’s show, we are joined by Nyla, a certified health and life coach trained in habit and mindset change, and also holds a diploma in food nutrition.  Nyla discovered she had a disordered relationship with exercising, which drove her to the point that she was so rigid and would leave family functions and go work out. She did it due to her fear of gaining weight and equating her worth as a human being to how long and hardcore she worked out until she discovered that intuitive rest is productive as it brings about freedom and flexibility. Let’s listen in and draw knowledge on what triggered Nyla’s change in mindset that led to the adoption of intuitive rest as a way of life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Disordered exercise destroys one’s mindset around exercising, especially if you switch the schedule up.
  • Resting brings about freedom and flexibility.
  • Rest is beautiful, strong, powerful, and helps us function better.
  • Understanding that rest has no rules around it and has no pre-defined way of how it should look.
  • The importance of mindset change towards achieving intuitive rest.

Episode Timeline:

  • [1:54] Nyla’s backstory: Her journey through disordered exercise and its effects on her.
  • [4:03] Nyla’s Motivation behind her addiction to hardcore workout.
  • [15:46] Nyla’s mindset change on rest: Demystifying resting as being lazy and its importance.
  • [23:53] Nyla’s advice on mindset reframing: Identifying rest as necessary as working out.


  • “Rest is productive.”– Nyla [5:31]
  • “We function better when we allow ourselves to rest.”– Nyla [8:53]
  • “Rest doesn’t have to look a certain way for it to count.”– Nyla [12:16]
  • “You don’t fail if you don’t follow a program perfectly.”– Nyla [18:32]
  • “Your current situation doesn’t have to be your final destination.”– Nyla [24:08]

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