Did you know that there are some exercises you can perform as cardio and as strength training without jumping? Yes, and they’re the kettlebell exercises! I know, just like you a kettlebell isn’t an equipment I pay much attention to in the gym, but as it turns out, it’s an excellent form of exercising. It can be done by anyone with fitness goals and all you need is to know how to hold your breath to be great at it.   

In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, I speak with Colleen Conlon. She’s a kettlebell specialist who helps women build strength, improve their metabolism, and master kettlebells. Listen in to learn about kettlebell exercising, techniques, and why you should adopt it in your fitness routine.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • The different kettlebell techniques- hardstyle swing, kettlebell sport, juggling, and many more. 
  • Why kettlebell is for anyone and everyone who wants to be active and to achieve results.  
  • The importance of knowing how to use your breath and creating tension to feel good with a kettlebell. 
  • How to get started with your goals and find a support system to help you reverse engineer your mindset.  

Episode Timeline: 

  • [1:54] Colleen Conlon talks about her struggles with weight and body image and how she found her confidence with kettlebells.  
  • [6:13] The story of how she discovered kettlebells and fell in love with the whole concept. 
  • [8:40] Understanding the different kettlebell techniques and who can do them.  
  • [13:41] Colleen Conlon’s training regimen for the Guinness World Book of Records.  
  • [17:46] Why it is hard to train people to engage their lats muscles.  


  • “Kettlebell is such a great way to get your strength and cardio done without doing any type of jumping.”– Colleen Conlon [12:43] 
  • “If you don’t know how to create tension in your upper body or engage your lats, it can be really hard to stay safe in some exercises.”– Colleen Conlon [20:14]  



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