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Let’s Have a Pep Talk About the Future You and Finding Happiness in Motivation

Do you feel like you could use more motivation to get to your goals faster? The truth is that we are not always going to be motivated, which is why we need a reason to bring back that motivation. When looking for motivation, it is important you think about what the future you would want you to be doing.  

In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, we have a pep talk about motivation and what your future self has to do with it. Listen in to learn the importance of having tangible goals and celebrating each time you accomplish even the smallest of each. 

Key Takeaways:

·       How to allow your motivation to be influenced by who you want to be in the future.

·       Make your goals tangible into something you can measure to see if you’re accomplishing success. 

·       Learning how to celebrate the steps you take towards your success no matter how small they are.

·       Find the happiness in your life to be motivated to work towards happiness with your life. 

Episode Timeline:

·       [1:20] How my decisions today are motivated by my future self. 

·       [8:43] The importance of having tangible goals that give you success. 


·       “You can be doing everything the same, but if you don’t have what you’re hoping to accomplish at the end, you may never see it as successful.” – Emily [7:29]

·       “Motivation comes and goes and that’s why it’s so important to celebrate where you’re at and celebrate what you’re doing every day.”- Emily [9:43]

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