Moving From Stressful Competition to Enjoying Movement – How to Train Yourself to Love the Gym

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Natalie Newhart her experience as a pro athlete, mindset coach, personal trainer and over 15 years as a female-specific clinician makes her approach unorthodox but extremely effective. She specializes in women over 35 who are not having success with traditional food-focused diets, as well as those who want a more relaxed, intuitive approach to dieting. Her methods are a unique blend of of science and mindset and masters fat loss as it pertains specifically to the female hormones, the female metabolism and the female psyche.

After a health scare ended her athletic and physique career, Nat took on a whole new approach to diet and fitness. 

She experienced first-hand how the stress of obsessing over food and working harder in the gym led to hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, stress-induced menopause, diabetes and a 20lb weight gain in 2 months.

Confused on how she could get sick and fat while doing the things that were supposed to make her fit and healthy, she worked with top doctors and physicians for answers and regained her health.

About the Guest, Natalie Newhart
About the Guest, Natalie Newhart

My name’s Natalie, but people call me Nat. I’m an online nutrition and fitness clinician that specializes in female-specific fat loss. I help the women that are over 35, have “tried everything” and are lost on what to do anymore because nothing seems to work. My methods use a combination of science and psychology to get women’s bodies to respond to diet and exercise like it used to when they were younger. Check out my products below to see how I can be the last “diet coach” you ever need.

Meet the Host...
Meet the Host…

Emily Coffman is the fastest growing advocate for athlete wellness in life after sport. She is a former NCAA Division I Athlete at the University of Oklahoma in rowing.

Now, she is the creator of the top 1% health and fitness podcast, Live Your Personal Best which has over quarter of a million downloads and best-selling author of Elite to Everyday Athlete.

Her research and focus on the health of athletes after they leave the field, has led her to become one of the leading experts for athletes to learn how to live a healthy life, enjoy working out, and find their new love of sport.