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Listen To This Before Starting Your Next Diet

Amy Crees gives all the dirt behind fad diets. Keto, Intermittent fasting, Juice Cleanses: which one is for you? We answer all your questions from who is dieting good for, why they work and why they don’t, and how to build a nutrition plan that you can actually stick to. Listen to this episode before …

Your Body is Meant to Ebb and Flow

@MenstruationQueen Cassandra Wilder joins us to break down women’s cyclical health. We talk about how to adjust your nutrition and exercise plan around your cycle and how to treat your body at every phase, not just during your period.  We speak about: -Why you shouldn’t be going 100% all the time -Listening to and tracking …

Use Foods to Your Advantage

Sophie is a cancer and stroke survivor and her health journey made her re-evaluate what she was putting into her body. Once addicted to diet coke, she now focuses on consuming more foods that are found in nature. We talk about how you can use foods to help with chronic fatigue, inflammation, and pain. Also …

Managing Sugar in Your Diet

Sugar is everywhere! How can you manage the amount of sugar in your diet? Joined by Dave Glaser, in this episode we talk about: What strategies will and won’t work The first step in reducing your intake  How to handle cravings Dave’s philosophy on artificial sweeteners  What food to fill up on instead Free online …

Your Most Valuable Progress Tracking Resource

Joined by @coachtwist we talk about how to move away from training plans and calorie counting by using your most valuable progress tracking resource. Listen to find out what it is and how to use it.  Find me at: Go show Twist some love: 

Start Here. Girls Gone Healthy Trailer

Time to stop “failing” diet after diet and getting stuck in workout routines that leave us unhappy. Join me in creating a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t follow specific rules or leave you feeling exhausting. I’m excited you’re here! Let’s connect on instagram:  Join our facebook community!