Don’t Be Bored by Your Workout Routine & Other Advice from an Expert Fitness Instructor

Have you recently been feeling bored and plateauing? Maybe it’s time to switch things a bit and see what else you like. Your fitness practices and routines should be about your physical and mental health, which means they should be things you love doing. Is it time for a new instructor, a new gym, or maybe a new routine? Whatever it is you need to improve your fitness experience, go for it! 

In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, I speak with Aly Raymer, a full-time health and wellness professional specializing in indoor cycling and yoga. Listen in to learn the importance of holistically taking care of yourself with different things other than fitness.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • How to be practice yoga to be in the present and take care of your body.   
  • The importance of strength training for your body, especially as you get older.  
  • The importance of having a holistic self-care routine for both your physical and mental health.  
  • Keep trying new things with your fitness when you feel bored or you’re plateauing.  

Episode Timeline: 

  • [1:47] Aly talks about her background in sports, fitness, and indoor cycling career. 
  • [4:56] How she became a yoga instructor and combined it with an indoor cycling career.  
  • [7:40] The yoga programs she came up with to do different things from spin.  
  • [11:07] The different things she’s been doing as an instructor and taking care of her personal health. 
  • [13:07] How to have an energetic studio with a motivating vibe.  
  • [14:45] How Aly practices different holistic ways as part of her self-care routine. 
  • [17:01] Aly’s future in doing retreats and training instructors.  


  • “True self-care is about taking care of your mental health and being able to slow down.”– Aly [16:11] 
  • “If you really think it’s something you want to do…try different instructors, try different studios, and keep trying different things.”– Aly [19:40] 

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About Aly Raymer:

California born…Boston made…Aly Raymer’s passion to inspire others has led her to a career as a full-time health and wellness professional. From swimming to tennis, boxing to rowing, Aly’s interests were always in sports that required more than just a strong body. Mental preparedness, grit and a strong will to succeed were all a big part of each activity she dove into. 

After graduating from Boston University, she pursued a career in graphic design and marketing, only to find life behind a desk too stifling.  She found purpose in the fitness community and for over a decade has made it her life and career.  She has now built a dedicated following both in the studio and on social media with whom she shares her life, motivation and inspiration on a daily basis. Her passions lie in self care and wellness, helping people discover how they can better their lives through movement, nutrition, recovery and self discovery. 

Aly is also the Director of Programming at B/SPOKE Studios, a lululemon legacy ambassador and a 200 ERYT yoga instructor. Her love of music, movement and motivation drives her classes and her ability to connect with students beyond the workout makes her one of Boston’s most recommended fitness and wellness professionals. 

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