Every Choice You Make is a Bet.

How much time do you spend in your decision-making process? How do you prioritize the most impactful decisions in your life and stress less on the less impactful ones? Perhaps if you experiment with your decisions and learn from the wrong ones instead of discarding them, you might learn a lot and be a better decision-maker in the future.

In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I speak with Frederic Bahnson, a personal and executive coach helping people create happiness, improve performance, and foster well-being. Listen in to learn about your power of choice and how you can use it to have more control over your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to have control of how your life turnout by using your power of choice.
  • Start experimenting with your decisions and learn from the wrong ones to be successful in the future.
  • Stop discounting opportunities and make the leap even when it’s risky.
  • How to simplify your decision-making process to avoid wasting time and energy on none important issues.
  • Focus your energy and time on the decisions that have a long-term impact on your happiness and health.
  • Have a decision-making process that allows you to still rationally use your emotional responses.
  • How to make decisions that connect what you do today with your big goal as a visionary.
  • How to have a goal you’re working towards as an organized day-to-day decision-maker.

Episode Timeline:

  • [2:12] How Fredrick wrote his book Better Than Destiny to help people make better long-term decisions.
  • [3:29] The power of choice and why it’s better than having a premeditated destiny.
  • [10:04] Steps on how to approach and simplify your decision-making process.
  • [17:29] The process of prioritizing your decisions according to their impact on your life.
  • [25:52] The 2 types of decision-makers and how each can get better with long-term decision making.
  • [28:27] Learn how to properly use your decision-making power for a better life.


 “Most of us should spend a lot less time on most of our decisions and a lot more time on a few key decisions.”– Fredrick [12:44]

“You don’t have to spend all of your energy considering and researching those second-tier ideas until you’ve gone through all of your top tier ideas and they’ve all failed.”– Fredrick [19:16]

Links Mentioned:

·      Book: Better Than Destiny  

·      Website: https://www.fredericbahnson.com/