How to Make Cheat Meals Part of Your Holidays

How are you preparing to fit in your health and fitness into the holidays? Are you scared that you’re going to overindulge in all the ‘good’ stuff and never find your way out of it? We find a way to make indulging during the holidays part of your plan and something that you can find balance with.  

In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, I talk about how to navigate cheat meals especially now that we’re headed into the holidays. Listen in to learn the importance of balancing your life when it comes to your health and fitness routine. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understanding that cheat meals are a part of your goal for physical and emotional health lifestyle. 
  • Learning to have long-term balance in every aspect of your health and fitness journey.  
  • Feeling confident enough to say that you’re caring for your health even when indulging because it’s not forever.  
  • Think of cheat meals during the holidays as part of your overall goal, that you can just pick up your fitness where you left off. 

 Episode Timeline: 

  • [2:08] The different ‘buckets’ in your health and fitness aspect of life and why cheat meals are part of it. 
  • [7:05] How to treat the holidays as a special occasion because you otherwise care for your health. 
  • [10:03] Going into the holidays already healthy gives you an easy way to get back into the rhythm.  


  • “If balance is something that you’re looking for long-term, you have to be able to recognize that when it’s happening.” [6:34] 
  • “Have the start dates, have the end dates where you can just pick it back up where you left off- it’s not wasted time you shouldn’t feel guilty.” [14:20] 

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