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How to Look Past Today and Tomorrow and Make Choices for Long Term Impact

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Are you making the right choices knowing that they have a long-lasting impact on your life? Sometimes when we are making choices for today, we don’t necessarily think of the impact they will have on us for the rest of our lives. I learned this lesson the hard way just this week during a visit to the dentist when I realized that my not doing anything when I should have, led to more teeth cavities.

In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I share the story of my visit to the dentist and the lesson it has taught me on choices. Listen in to learn how you can start by making small consistent decisions by considering the impact they’ll have in your life.  

Key Takeaways:

· How your current choices can permanently affect the rest of your life.

· Don’t allow yourself to get to a point of regret over making the wrong choices for your life. 

· Learn to make the right decisions by thinking about the long-term impact they’ll make in your life. 

Episode Timeline:

· [1:43] The story of my visit to the dentist and the lessons it has taught me. 

· [8:18] Why not making the right choices will only lead to long-term regret. 


“Any choice that you make now can be so permanent in your life later.”- Emily [8:23]

“You don’t always have to make the perfect or right decision, but it is so important to know that your decisions are making a lasting impact beyond just today and tomorrow.”- Emily [12:17]

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