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Feel More Energized Some Days Over Others? Here’s Why and How to Plan for It


Ever wonder why some days you wake up feeling super energized and others you just feel drained for no reason at all? Did you know that hormonal health goes beyond your reproductive health? It impacts your overall body wellness making it crucial to have a hormonal balanced body. The way you move, nourish, and honor your body highly determines how healthy your hormones are throughout your menstrual cycle.  

In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, I speak with Brandy Oswald, a certified fertility awareness instructor, women’s healing arts coach, yoga instructor, and the Founder of Sauvage Wellness. She helps women connect to their natural cycles and heal their hormonal struggles. She shares her personal struggles with hormonal imbalance that she healed naturally, and that set her on the path she’s on now. 

Listen in to learn the importance of tracking your cycle to better understand your body and what it needs to stay healthy.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understanding why hormonal health refers to whole-body health and wellness, not just reproductive health.  
  • The importance of moving your body in a mindful way to avoid inflicting hormonal imbalance.  
  • Learning to nourish your body before and after exercising, and honoring your body to avoid hormonal imbalance.  
  • How cycle syncing helps you understand your body better and choose activities that your body needs and can perform at a time. 
  • The benefits of cycle tracking in giving you information about the health of your hormones and body altogether.  

Episode Timeline: 

  • [0:55] Hormonal health explained.  
  • [2:16] Brandy Oswald narrates her journey with hormonal imbalance which she uses to serve others experiencing the same.   
  • [7:56] Signs to look out for hormonal imbalance caused by excessive exercising. 
  • [13:20] Brandy Oswald explains cycle syncing which is working out in the rhythm of your menstrual cycle.  


  • “It’s really important to listen to our bodies so, get rid of that no pain no gain mindset.”– Brandy Oswald [11:14] 
  • “Sometimes is just about being more present with what our bodies need.”– Brandy Oswald [18:44] 
  • “Keeping track of what you’re experiencing gives you access to so much information about the health of your hormones and your body.”– Brandy Oswald [20:00] 

To help you get started using these powerful cycle tracking tools, here’s a copy of Brandy’s free Cycle Tracking Starter Guide: www.sauvagewellness.com/cycle-tracking-starter-guide 

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About Brandy Oswald:

Brandy Oswald is a Certified Fertility Awareness Instructor, Women’s Healing Arts Coach, & the founder of Sauvage Wellness. She specializes in teaching women how to use cycle tracking tools to live in alignment with their hormones, their menstrual cycles, and their bodies. Using the sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness Brandy helps women uncover and correct hormonal imbalances using natural food, fitness, & lifestyle practices. 

Brandy is here today to share with us how our fitness and food routines may be negatively impacting our hormonal health and our menstrual cycles and the simple shifts we can make to nourish and support optimal hormonal wellness.