‘How’ to Stay Committed to Your Goals – Here’s What Changing Your Mindset Actually Looks Like

Have you been struggling to find consistency in your fitness habits or other habits in general? Don’t we all at some point? But, sometimes why we fail is because we don’t ask ourselves the right questions, we don’t establish our end goal at the very beginning of setting them. To achieve your goals, you have to stay committed and to stay committed, you have to ask yourself how. 

In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, I talk about the importance of asking yourself the right questions like ‘how do I do it’ to achieve your goals. Listen in to learn why sometimes having blind faith goes a long way.  

Key Takeaways:  

  • The importance of shifting your mentality from ‘should’ to ‘how’ to commit to yourself and build your confidence. 
  • The power of focusing on the ‘how’ to stay sustained through your journey before you see results.  
  • How to stay committed to your habits to overcome second-guessing yourself. 

Episode Timeline: 

  • [0:36] Why you should switch from asking yourself ‘what should I do’ to ‘how do I do it’.  
  • [3:19] A perfect example of having blind faith and learning how to do it.  


  • “Confidence comes from doing what you say you’ll do.” [2:20] 
  • “You’re not going to question yourself if you’re already committed to you.” [7:00] 

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