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Tracking & Journaling Technique for Working Towards Multiple Goals at Once

Do you often feel guilty for not reaching your goals fast enough? We often feel the need to do more even though we’re doing enough at that very moment. How about you start tracking your goals in order to get rid of that guilt feeling? I adopted the fill your bucket method, which helps me track my goals and balance my life.

In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I talk about the fill your bucket method and how it can help you set or track your actions. Listen in to learn the two ways you can execute this method to help simplify and balance your life. 

Key Takeaways:

·       How using the fill your bucket method will allow you to achieve your goals without feeling guilty. 

·       How to set or track goals with this method by taking small steps. 

·       How to track and balance activities that are either filling or draining your bucket throughout the day. 

Episode Timeline:

·       [0:57] How we often feel guilty for not doing more. 

·       [2:27] The fill your bucket method – the six things I started to do daily to fill my bucket. 

·       [8:11] The two ways you can use the fill your bucket method to achieve your goals. 


·       “If we were just in our own heads minding our business, we wouldn’t feel guilty for our actions or for not reaching our goals fast enough.”- Emily [1:11]

·       “This helped with the guilt of I need to do more and more because I could see where my time was actually going.”- Emily [7:10]

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