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Take Your Power Back and Stop Chasing Perfection

Would you like to take your power back and confidently step into whom you were created to be? To stop chasing after perfection and instead work on yourself from a place of love and gratitude? Health and fitness should be viewed as a way to honor and nourish your body, and to do that, you have to build a foundation by first recognizing and healing your past mistakes. 

In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I speak with Rachel Brooks, a fitness and lifestyle enthusiast, entrepreneur, bestselling author of Chasing Perfection, and the host of the Confident Woman podcast. She’s a former bodybuilding bikini competitor and champion who after many years of personal issues and setbacks, is now empowering women to become their best and most confident selves.

Listen in to learn how you can create your own story by working on yourself to overcome the all-or-nothing mentality. 

Key Takeaways:

·       How to prioritize yourself and take your power back by taking time for yourself.

·       How to view fitness as a way to honor and nourish yourself and be at your best for those you love. 

·       How to step into who you were created to be by overcoming your insecurities and knowing who you are. 

·       Learn to give yourself time to stick with something, to determine if it’s the right approach for you. 

·       The power you have to create your own story, which you can do by confidently and consistently building a foundation.

·       The importance of being self-aware and grateful for lessons from your past mistakes. 

Episode Timeline: 

·       [1:44] Rachel’s book Chasing Perfection, which is about the self-discovery process. 

·       [8:04] She shares her story of comparison and chasing perfection and how it all transformed for the better. 

·       [19:31] The steps to help you build a better you every day than you were yesterday. 

·       [22:35] Rachel’s Fit from Within program and the four pillars it teaches.

·       [27:46] Her advice to people still chasing perfection and want to discover themselves. 


·       “Working out and taking care of your health and fitness journey is such a high regard esteem for taking care of oneself.”- Rachel [3:28]

·       “This isn’t a race to win to be the best of everything, it’s really just about embracing life for who and what you are, what you want, and what that desired outcome is.”- Rachel [17:50]

·       “The journey is the struggle, and in the struggle, there’s so much beauty.”- Rachel [21:41]

·       “Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves because we’re the ones filling our buckets and living the reality.”- Rachel [30:45]

About Rachel Brooks:

Rachel is a Fitness and Lifestyle Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author of Chasing Perfection, Host of The Confident Woman Podcast, and Founder + Creator of The Confident WomanCollective andI am Athletics. As a former bodybuilding bikini competitor and champion, Rachel has taken years of fears, failures, setbacks, and extreme loss and created simple, yet powerful, lessons that help women transform their lives to become their best and most confident selves. As part of her mission, she empowers women to get Fit From Within by challenging and inspiring them tolet go of their limiting beliefs, redefine who they are, and step into who they’re created to be—The Confident Woman.

Connect with Rachel: https://www.iamrachelbrooks.com

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