Pushing Through the Doubt and Raising Your Confidence – Week One Reset Day 3

What if I told you many people don’t go after their resolutions because they haven’t built the confidence to? Making the goal is one thing but then it takes a lot of grit and strength to keeping working towards it. 

Aside from listing down and narrowing down the resolutions you desire to attain, it’s also crucial to have the momentum to transform these into your new realities. Many former and current athletes fail to make their aspirations come to fruition, but that should not be the case this year for you, personal bestie.

In the third day of Week One Reset, I share some tips on how you can be more confident around your goals and how you can achieve your best self as you reach these dreams.

#1 Reason Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail Episode: https://www.weekonereset.com/goals 

Episode Timeline

[2:30] Emily shares her sources of confidence in achieving her goals

[3:10] Emily explains the importance of rewiring your perception of your past

[4:26] Emily discusses the disconnect between the stories about your past that you tell yourself and the realities of what actually happened and how it could affect your mindset towards your goals

[7:05] Emily talks about the importance of forgiving oneself and its role in ensuring that future goals are met

[7:46] Emily reads a passage from Creating Money: Keys to Abundance by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman

[10:09] Emily shares the activity for Day Three of Week 1 Reset.

Key Takeaways

  • When you become confident with yourself and your decisions, you’re rewiring your mind on how it should handle the past.
  • You can create any story surrounding yourself.
  • Rewiring your mindset is critical to get the confidence boost you need for your goals.
  • Allow yourself to forgive yourself that didn’t make the right decision in the past.
  • Keep a list of times in the past that you have succeeded in achieving your goals, and you felt abundance in the things you did.
  • When you’re feeling down, you can take a step back, review your list, and get a sense of fulfillment that you have achieved in your past, and you can still achieve more in the future.


It’s not about looking at the past and being positive about it. But it’s looking in the past and pulling out very specific examples of when you saw this success, of when you were actually moving towards these goals that you wanted, or you already had what you wanted. – Emily [5:46]

This new year is not about a brand new you. This new year is pulling out the best of you. – Emily [6:49]

Are you struggling to meet your new year’s resolution every time? Perhaps, you have fallen into some traps that hinder you from meeting your goals.

Listen to an additional 15-minute episode discussing the number one reason why new year’s resolutions fail and a step-by-step plan on how you can avoid that path: https://www.weekonereset.com/goals