Using Exercise to De-Stress – Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

Keris was a former professional basketball player who is now a yoga instructor. Yoga is a form of exercise, recovery, and self care. We hear about how her journey started as a class in Bali and we discuss:

-How to Start Yoga at Any Level

-How Yoga is a Mental and Physical Workout

-How to Fit in Yoga to Your Current Routine 

Online Course: Yoga & Meditation for Overwhelmed Moms


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About Keris Timol:

Keris Timol: I started yoga as a means of a workout and thought it would be a lovely addition to my routine and give me more to offer my clients and students. It soon became much more than a workout and a means of self care and stress release. At a time when I needed it badly. Yoga and meditation became a routine and gave me insight to living a healthier more authentic life. I now create yoga programs for overwhelmed moms and offer private online sessions for everyone from kids to adults.