Weight-Loss Journey to Life Passion

Something is better than nothing. This week we speak to @pam_palam about her journey into bodybuilding and how to get started in working out and staying consistent. Her motto is doing something is always better than nothing, so do the exercise you want to do.

I also released an exciting announcement so be sure to check it out! 

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About Pamela Belle-Henry:

Pamela Belle-Henry: I started off on a weight loss journey to regain my confidence and get me out of a negative mindset and life habit. Started off with 198lbs and over time lost all the weight and even competed in a bodybuilding show at 117lbs.  Fitness then became my passion and I realized that working out boosts my mood so much that I wanted to help others especially women feel good about themselves.  So I became a certified trainer and have worked with women around the world to help them achieve their goals.  I also coach women pre and post natal after being through it myself with not much direction I educated myself and now I’m able to help.

I have a love for Wellness and for helping people.