Tapping Into Your Strength and Building the Vision You Want. No More People Pleasing!

How often do you hold back from being the person you have always wanted to be just because others think otherwise? In this episode, I have an opportunity to interview Laarni Mulvey. 

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 Laarni Mulvey is the Founder of Strong and Mighty Company. She has been using her voice as a source of encouragement to women to harness their unique power and strength. She encourages and leads women to honor themselves and build a powerful legacy for future generations. Her message is to champion women to let them know they are stronger than they think they are. Also, she is the perfect definition of “you can become whomever you set your mind to become.”

Are you ready to get inspired? Listen in to this conversation.

Key Takeaways from the Episode:

·      You are stronger than you think you are

·      You have the right to be whoever you want to be

·      Never allow anyone to dictate what you can and cannot do

·      Never shrink yourself to fit in

Episode Timeline:

·      [02:42] Getting to know Laarni

·      [06:15] What inspires Laarni to join the athletics world?

·      [09:51] Laarni’s inspiration to hit the gym

·      [13:47] Biggest obstacles that Laarni faces as a powerlifter and an athlete

·      [17:24] Laarni’s book: Standing in Strength inspirational stories of power unleashed

·      [22:00] Advice to people having similar challenges as Laarni


“I can’t say I don’t like something if I never tried it.” [10:49]

“My body will break. If I allow it to break, my body will break if I’m doing something that I’m not prepared for or trained for.” [14:12]

“I have every right to be the strongest person that I want to be not for you. But for me, and I have every right to have opportunity.” [16:18]

“I believe that women should be strong, and I believe that they should have the opportunities to be whoever the hell they want.” [16:39]

“I want to make sure that women know they’re not alone. That there’s a whole community of us who went through this, who went through a struggle and are on the other side of betterment” [19:22]

“There is a greatness and strength inside of us that we have not tapped into, you may have scratched the surface, but you have, have you really tapped into it. And it’s the time when you have to outgrow and outperform all these standards that are set upon you.” [22:04]

“You have every right to build the vision that you want. You have every right to be the strongest person that you can possibly be. But it’s up to you. Make that choice, invest in yourself, decide, and act. Don’t just think it! Take that action to build that vision that you’ve been looking for.” [23:49]

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Website: https://laarnimulvey.com/

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