Feel Guilty for Wanting to Be Healthy? How to Leave the Judgement Behind

Have you ever felt shame and guilt for wanting to be healthier? This is not something that people talk about often, but it is within us. Many factors can contribute to your feeling that, especially in today’s very opinionated world. I myself have recently been feeling guilty and ashamed of my fitness journey because of influence, even though to be honest, I had no reason to.  

In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, I talk about the shame and guilt that we sometimes experience for being health conscious. Listen in to learn the importance of having and following your intentions not to be swept under the wave of shame and guilt. 

Key Takeaways:  

  • Why you shouldn’t allow other people to have a say in your health and fitness choices because that’s your business, not theirs.  
  • How comparing yourself, especially on social media can lead to guilt and shame about your journey.  
  • How some people who’ve found food freedom shame those doing things differently from intuitive eating. 
  • The importance of following plans that work for your body rather than what you’re told- eating with intention. 
  • Keep in mind that it’s normal to feel guilty and it’s your opinion that matters most. 

Episode Timeline: 

  • [3:22] Understanding where the guilt of being healthier comes from.  
  • [5:30] Comparing your health and fitness journey with a promotion at work.  
  • [8:45] Why I started feeling guilty with my fitness story after joining TikTok.  
  • [14:01] Why you shouldn’t allow yourself to be shamed for choosing to diet over intuitive eating. 


  • “I just want to be a little bit more intentional with my choices for my body so I can show up better in other areas of my life.” [8:21] 
  • “If dieting didn’t exist, intuitive eating would just be called eating.” [16:12] 
  • “You have yourself, you have your intentions, and what you want to do is up to you.” [18:19] 


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