The Advice I Wish I Knew When Starting a Big Health Goal

Making new health and fitness changes is hard just like that fad diet you keep failing at! But it all gets easier as time goes by and those changes turn into habits. The truth is that nothing is sustainable forever and a lifestyle you adopt today might change tomorrow, and it’s perfectly all right to keep experimenting.  

In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, I talk about the misleading messaging in the fitness community that a lifestyle you can’t do for the rest of your life is unsustainable. Listen in to learn the importance of choosing a health and fitness lifestyle that you enjoy and not necessarily what is sustainable.  

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Key Takeaways: 

  • Understanding why starting a new lifestyle doesn’t seem sustainable in its initial stages. 
  • Normalize trying different health and fitness things at different stages of your life.  
  • Stop trying to figure it out and just make it a trial and error until you find what works for you.  
  • Look for what you enjoy now because nothing is sustainable forever.  

Episode Timeline: 

  • [4:42] Why it is normal to experience hardship as a beginner, and it’s shouldn’t be an excuse for you to go back to ‘easier’ ways.  
  • [7:11] How things are hard at the beginning but turn easier as they become your habits.  


  • “There’s so much trial and error in this, just like there’s trial and error in life.” [6:05] 
  • “Anything is hard when it’s new and different, but then it grows to be part of your lifestyle.” [7:57]