Finally Thriving & Making Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Happy and Satisfied

Tired of listening to various gurus and coaches online on what you should do to improve your well-being? Do you feel frustrated because no matter how hard you try following all their advice and tips, you keep on struggling because they don’t fit your personality or lifestyle? Perhaps, you should find your sense of self through empowered wellness.

In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I speak with Allison Pelot, a dynamic fitness trainer, and energy coach specializing in rapid permanent change through corrective exercise, metabolic nutrition, and energetic alignment. Allison is also the author of Finally Thriving: Your Guide to Empowered Wellness.

Listen to this episode to be aware of what works for your well-being, instead of constantly looking outside yourself for answers, and what you should do if you’re lost in the process.

Episode Timeline

[2:10] Allison shares what’s in her book Finally Thriving: Your Guide to Empowered Wellness.

[4:46] Allison explains what empowered wellness is.

[5:48] Allison talks about how you can start practicing empowered wellness.

[10:48] Allison reveals her background.

[20:39] Allison explains why humans are all designed to thrive.

[24:15] Allison leaves her one last piece of advice.

Key Takeaways

  • Empowered Wellness means you own your experience. Connecting with yourself can help you choose what works for you, especially when you’re being presented with opinions and ideas.
  • If you heavily really on someone else’s opinion for your self-care, at some point, you’ll feel lost and disconnected.
  • If you’re looking to practice empowered wellness, give yourself space. Take out the things you don’t need, like distractions of your life. 
  • Prioritize your life every day so you can put yourself first. 
  • Take all the noise to have that extra space to bring in new opportunities and changes.
  • Don’t put too many restrictions on yourself. Don’t overcomplicate yourself.
  • Connect with your inner child so that you can connect with the powerful parts of yourself.
  • You already have everything that we need. You need to remove all the blocks that prevent you from acquiring all of them.


  • “It’s okay not to do anything sometimes.” – Allison [8:34]
  • “Give yourself space for grace.” – Allison [10:39]
  • “The energetic intertwines with the energetic more than we realize.” – Allison [17:07]
  • “You definitely deserve to be happy. It is possible.” – Allison [23:06]
  • “Look within yourself to reflect the experience of yourself and the world.” – Allison [24:21]

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