Changing Perspectives from Impossible to Possible

Wouldn’t it be nice if all your excuses disappeared? If the ONE thing keeping you from taking the next step towards your goal was gone?

In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I share how fearing the unknown has prevented me from doing the things that I love and how changing my perspective on things can significantly affect the success that I experience in my life.

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Listen to this podcast to learn more about how you can change your mindset so you’ll have more confidence in achieving your goals and making the things that are impossible possible.

Episode Timeline

[0:42] Emily shares that she’s a planner and how this affects her day-to-day routine.

[3:48] Emily realizes that some things won’t sense if you do it, but it’s not impossible.

[6:30] Emily reveals her commitments to the future.

Key Takeaways

  • You can do things you think are impossible by telling yourself that you’re stronger than your hesitations.
  • If you believe that you can make things happen, you’ll have the power of keeping these things from happening to yourself.
  • There’s a vast difference between thinking about doing it and doing it.
  • If you’re working towards any goal, there will never be a day where you’ll feel ready to step out of your comfort zone and break the cycle. It happens when your goals feel impossible to achieve.
  • Force yourself to do something impossible, and you’ll realize that it’s not that challenging to do.


“Maybe these things that make you seem impossible are just excuses that are getting in my way. It’s just me self-sabotaging.” – Emily [4:18]

“If you’re giving yourself an excuse that you think is so fool-proof [and] so logical from the outside looking in, no one’s gonna try to argue with you on it.” – Emily [5:13]

“Sometimes, that first step is easier or more enjoyable, and that’s how you build-up for working towards something.” – Emily [9:24]