How to Stop Being Defined by Your Work

(Reading of ‘The Inner Athlete’ from Elite to Everyday Athlete)

Are you ready to break your identity as an athlete? To move on from what you’ve always known and find who you are for the future? It is so easy for us athletes to attach our identity to who we are as athletes even after that part of us no longer exists. How then do you let go of this athletic identity and embrace all of what you’re about to experience in your life?

In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I do a chapter reading from chapter four of my book the Elite to Everyday Athlete. Listen in to learn how you can regain your identity away from the athletic identity that you gained after years of being one.  

Key Takeaways:

· How to define and maintain your identity as a person without getting attached to your athletic status. 

· How we often associate our full identity and self-worth with the work we do. 

· Be self-aware and realize that your life has other chapters other than your work. 

· How to separate your old athletic identity when that is no longer part of who you are. 

· Learn to embrace the uncertainty that comes with the freedom of no longer being an athlete. 

Episode Timeline:

· [3:16] The inner athlete – how sports often define your identity even when you don’t want to.

· [5:22] The story of Max Browne and how he maintained his identity as an athlete. 

· [9:04] Understanding why you’re not your work. 

· [10:32] How to find your internal identity as an athlete– the story of Stephanie Rice. 

· [12:47] Explore your identity – learning to let go of your athletic identity. 


“No matter how hard an athlete trains, no matter how much time and energy he/she puts into it, there are some things that are always out of their control.” – Emily [7:17]

“Your work is simply a part of you but it’s difficult to separate the idea of meaningful work from a meaningful life.”- Emily [9:29]

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