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3 Tips on How You Can Drink Alcohol and Still See Results

Are you really moderately drinking alcohol? If your answer is yes, are you tracking it, seriously applying the 80/20 rule? There are high chances that you’re NOT balancing your alcohol as much as you think you are. It is important to know that alcohol is not evil, and you can absolutely take it and still be healthy.  

 In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, it’s all about alcohol and how you can lead a healthy lifestyle while drinking it. Listen in to learn how drinking in moderation can give you fun and freedom, contrary to many beliefs.  

Key Takeaways:  

  • The importance of intentionally making an effort to track your 80/20 rule with alcohol. 
  • How to set boundaries to limit your drinking habits in all situations and settings.  
  • How drinking in moderation gives you more fun and freedom.  
  • Understanding that drinking alcohol doesn’t bring you any closer to any of your goals. 
  • Get curious about things that can give you happy feelings as alcohol that is not alcohol.  

Episode Timeline: 

  • [2:29] Why you should track your 80/20 rule with alcohol to level up.  
  • [7:53] How to make an effort and balance your alcohol intake by setting boundaries.  
  • [13:59] When to know when to stop taking alcohol altogether.  


“Setting a boundary is being more intentional with your actions and decisions before they come up.” – @_EmilyCoffman

“What I’ve noticed is that every time that I start to pick up the drinking again is it doesn’t do anything for you.” – @_EmilyCoffman

“Be curious about what it could feel like without depending on drinking, what could it feel like if you did remove it from your life.” – @_EmilyCoffman


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