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How to Talk Yourself Out of Bad Decisions – Quit Bad Habits and Break Free From Addictive Behavior

Don’t we all wish we could resist unhealthy urges that seem to come out of nowhere? The ones that end up becoming bad decisions stopping us from reaching our goals sooner? What if I told you there’s a way you can talk yourself out of those unhealthy urges? Surf the urge is a technique that will help you ride out the urge like a wave. YES, a wave! 

In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, I talk about the surf the urge technique and how it will help you get rid of your need to satisfy unhealthy urges. Listen in to learn the importance of consistency in riding out your wave of urges.  

Key Takeaways:  

  • Bring awareness to the urges you’re having and sit on it for a bit.  
  • How to get stronger by repeatedly building resistance against your bad habits and urges.  
  • Try the ‘put something into a jar’ technique to signify the completion of your urge without acting on it.  

Episode Timeline: 

  • [1:50] How to think of your urges as waves that you allow to build up and then calm down.  
  • [4:07] The breathing technique that will help you ride out your wave of urges without acting on them.  
  • [6:42] How I adopted the breathing technique to get rid of a bad habit I had developed.  


  • “Research shows that urges don’t typically last for more than 20-30 minutes, especially if they’re not acted on.” [2:44] 
  • “The thing with these urges and trying to break a bad habit, it’s whatever you repeat gets stronger.” [6:18] 
  • “It’s not easy every time, but it gets easier every time.” [9:14] 

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