Changing Your Goals: How I Went from Elite Athlete to Overweight to Finding Fitness

A health and fitness journey is about transitioning to what feels right to you today like we talk about all the time in this show. Whatever looks amazing today may change for you tomorrow or in a few months. I have made quite a few transitions myself since my athletic days, and to be honest, I’m still evolving. So, how have you transitioned? 

In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, I talk about my health and fitness journey from a Division 1 Athlete to now, and the transitions I’ve made. Listen in to learn about my latest transition, which is a contrast to group fitness and does have a goal.

Key Takeaways: 

  • How the extremes of athletics can lead to a skewed perception of how health and fitness looks like. 
  • Why you need to spike your passion for working out, especially if you used to be an athlete.  
  • Understanding why you don’t need to have a goal when going through transitions in your fitness journey. 
  • The difference between group fitness and training alone at the gym.  
  • Learning to fall in love with a different workout activity; and taking small steps towards a certain goal.  

Episode Timeline: 

  • [3:03] What it was like to be a coxswain for a division 1 rowing team for 7 years. 
  • [4:44] The lifestyle I chose after retiring from athletics after college, plus how I went back to working out. 
  • [10:14] Events that led me to join group fitness and how that has been going so far. 
  • [15:20] Why I decided to sign up for a ‘standard gym’ for strength training.  
  • [20:57] The mental challenge that being in the gym alone has turned out to be, compared to group fitness. 


  • You need something to spark that fire to spark that passion alike.” [13:51] 
  • “As you’re going through transitions, you don’t need to jump into something that doesn’t feel right or feel like you need to have a goal or not.” [19:05] 
  • “Before I could shut out my thoughts, and now I’m living with them, and pushing myself through them.” [24:13] 

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