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Sick of Your Bad Eating Habits? Let’s Talk About Breaking the Cycle

How often do you find yourself in the vicious cycle of binge eating, overexercising, emotional eating, repeat? Urgh, how tiring! Don’t you wish you could find an eating pattern that allows you to eat healthily and for comfort without feeling guilty? The truth is that you do not have a problem with food, you only have bad habits that are formed throughout your life. You heard that right, you can get over binge and emotional eating. 

In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, I speak with Estelle Coombe-Heath, a leading expert in helping women who struggle with binge and emotional eating so that they can find food freedom and finally trust themselves around food. She shares how she overcame binge eating and overexercising to achieve food freedom and a healthy lifestyle.  

Listen in to learn the importance of understanding your binge triggers to help curb your bad eating habits.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • The never-ending vicious cycle of working out and binge eating that does more harm to your body than good.  
  • Stop living in food prison by releasing all forms of emotions around food especially guilt and shame.   
  • Learn to listen to your body cues on what food it needs and release your stigma around cravings.  
  • The importance of understanding your urges and learning to protest against the part of your brain that reaches for food to break binge eating patterns. 
  • Teaching yourself how to have a neutral relationship with food. 
  • Understanding your triggers when it comes to food through hunger, emotions, and habits.  
  • How the restrictive mentality is stopping you from getting over binge eating.  

Episode Timeline: 

  • [4:14] Estelle shares her journey with unhealthy eating habits that led to binge eating and the support she got to recover. 
  • [13:12] How to achieve food freedom by balancing your thoughts and feelings around food.  
  • [16:33] How Estelle focuses on balancing energy eating and other foods to help her clients. 
  • [18:34] Understanding where your urge for eating comes from.  
  • [23:38] Steps on how to change your relationship with food to tackle binge eating. 
  • [30:55] How Estelle helps her clients learn to trust themselves around food.  


  • “Food didn’t make me eat it, it was mostly my emotions and habits that was triggering it.”– Estelle [27:21] 
  • “Everything is about middle ground, there is no such thing as perfection.”– Estelle [32:39] 

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About Estelle Coombe-Heath:

Estelle is the leading expert in helping women who struggle with binge and emotional eating so that they can find food freedom and finally trust themselves around food.

Estelle is passionate about: health, wellness, fitness but most importantly living a binge free life.

From a background in business analytics, she now leads various programs on changing mindsets around eating and healthy food choices. She supports her clients to cultivate healthy eating habits and to: 

Finally trust themselves around food

Manage their Cravings

Stop the binge-guilt cycle for good