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Find Your New Athletic Identity After Sports Retirement

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Would you like to retain your athletic identity even after retiring from competitive sport? Life after sports doesn’t mean you have to lose your identity; you can become an everyday athlete who enjoys the sport less competitively or does something similar but different. 

Ready to read the full book??  

In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I share a chapter from my book Elite to Everyday Athlete on how to nurture a new athletic identity. Insights from former NFL quarterback Tony Romo, Olympic Bobsledder Bethany Hart Gerry, sports psychologists and more. Listen in to learn the benefits of being a CAMO to enjoy your former sport and retain your identity as an athlete. 

Key Takeaways:

· How to try something similar yet different from your former athletic sport to feel encouraged after your retirement. 

· How to become an everyday athlete after transitioning from being an elite athlete. 

· How to keep sports in your life by staying an active athlete. 

· How to build a career in sports by transitioning to coaching after retiring from competitive sport.

· How to become a sports mentor to redefine your identity after being an elite athlete. 

· Allow yourself to become an observer of your old sport and find fulfillment in it. 

Episode Timeline:

· [2:04] Defining an everyday athlete and how to become one after retiring from competitive sports. 

· [5:14] Stories from former elite athletes who transitioned to lesser demanding sports after retiring. 

· [8:57] Understanding CAMO – Coach, Athlete, Mentor, Observer. 


“For the athletes who aren’t burnt out of their sport by retirement, it’s still hard for them to continue training the same way; athletes naturally won’t be able to continue performing at the same level they did when competing.”- Emily [3:20]

“There are ways to continue being an athlete without needing to compete at the highest level; an elite athlete can become an everyday athlete.”- Emily [5:04]

“Keeping sports in your life can help with working out again or just feeling fulfilled, but staying an active athlete is just one of the ways to keep sports in your life.”- Emily [8:50]