Feel Excited, Energized, and Ready to See the Results NOW?! Here’s Why You Need a 90 Day Sprint

Do you have a goal that you’ve been struggling with finding the motivation to work on? How about a 90-day sprint to get results fast? A 90-day sprint is a method that allows you to double down on one single goal at a time and significantly work on it. I have done a 90-day sprint before during the pandemic, and it honestly made achieving goals a lot easier. 

In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, I talk about the 90-day sprint method and how to use it to work on your goals and achieve them fast. Listen in to learn how to balance your work and life by doubling down on things that keep you awake at night. 

Key Takeaways:  

  • How a 90-day sprint allows you to significantly achieve change with your goals. 
  • How to use the 90-day sprint method to tackle each of your goals individually in a 3 months cycle. 
  • How to be focused and make time for what’s important to balance your life. 
  • Why 90-day sprints should be set aside for things you believe will make your life lighter.  

Episode Timeline: 

  • [1:18] Understanding the 90-day sprint as a doubling down on one goal method.  
  • [6:40] How the 90-day sprints make things easier by helping you understand what works for you. 
  • [10:30] How I have incorporated the 90-day sprints into my work-life routine.  


  • “A 90-day sprint is 90 days of clear focus on one goal and doubling down on it.” [1:19] 
  • “I made the time for it all by being so focused.” [12:36] 

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