Why Are We So Hard on Ourselves? How to Get Rid of the Guilt, Pressure, and Stress and Focus on The Positive

Do you have moments when you’re religiously keeping up with healthy habits but still feel like you need to do more? Like you’re still not doing enough? Well, I do too! When we do this, we fail to allow ourselves to feel proud of what we’re already doing. Stop being so hard on yourself! 

Did you know that one is greater than zero? You have to understand that anything you’re already doing is a step in the right direction. You don’t always have to be doing anything better, just doing anything can be better than doing nothing.  

I’ve recently had to remind myself to celebrate whatever I’m doing and the stage I’m at. Things are changing again than how they were during quarantine and you might be feeling the need to be at your best, which shouldn’t be the case. I would advise that instead of looking for the best thing, look for the next thing. Think of something that could get you to the next little step and not the best step. 


  • “Anything that you’re doing is a step in the right direction.” [3:41] 
  • Instead of looking for the best thing, look for the next thing. [6:21] 

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