woman in blue sports bra and white leggings stretching
Don’t we all wish we could resist unhealthy urges that seem to come out of nowhere? The ones that end up becoming bad decisions stopping […]
woman sitting on bed with breakfast on tray
Are you truly enjoying sexual and life pleasures just the way you are without judgment? I know the journey to […]
young woman lying on floor on mat while using laptop at home
I know the goal of all of our fitness efforts is to see results, right? And because of this, we often get emotionally tied […]
I’m sure you’re still looking for ways to implement your yearly fitness goals, right? And for you to accomplish these goals, you need motivation and energy. So, […]
Have you really ever reflected on all the gains that fitness has added to your life? Those little things like […]
Do you have supportive friends and family that help you in your health journey?  How clear and specific are you with […]
Making new health and fitness changes is hard just like that fad diet you keep failing at! But it all gets easier as time goes by and those […]
woman running on pathway
  Ever wonder why some days you wake up feeling super energized and others you just feel drained for no […]