Make This Shift When Your Fitness Goals Aren’t Working

Don’t let your fitness goals leave you feeling defeated.  A healthy lifestyle should mean a more active and self-care lifestyle which is something that goals often fail to help us achieve. I lived with goals during my college athlete days and always felt like I was in a constant state of failure even though I was doing everything right and working hard. What changed my life though, was setting intentions and affirmations.

In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, I talk about why I hate goals and instead prefer intentions and affirmations when working towards a healthy lifestyle. It is important to have continuous habits that help you grow, become confident, and feel positive about your actions.

Listen in to learn how to set powerful yet doable small intentions through positive affirmations.

Key Takeaways:

• Some goals have no clear end- setting up frequency goals does not work since a healthy lifestyle should be a lifestyle.

• Goals often lead to an all or nothing mindset which brings in guilt instead of the intended confidence.

• Constant state of failure- you could be doing everything right, but not reaching your goals makes you feel like a failure.

• Why success is not a sum of all our goals because there’s no success in a healthy lifestyle.

• How to reframe success and start thinking of growth which is about continuous habits.

• The power of positive affirmations in accomplishing the intentions you set for yourself.

• The importance of writing and repeating your affirmations.

Episode Timeline:

• [7:09] The three reasons why no goals were working for me.  

• [14:22] How to have intentions through affirmations which is in the positive present tense.

• [18:58] The importance of writing down your affirmations.


• “We can’t say that our success is a sum of all of these goals because there’s not really success in a healthy lifestyle.” [13:20]

• “Set an intention, create an affirmation, and you’ll start to see change there.” [20:47]

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